About us

The heart of a start-up in the body of a grown-up.

Founded in 2003, Global Personals has grown to become a portfolio of over 15,000 diverse and popular sites with annualized revenues in excess of $74m. We are a major player in the world of online dating and a key driver in the growth of social discovery networks, enabling people to make friends online and meet them in real life.

With offices in the United States, Europe, and Australia, Global Personals enjoys global reach. We employ over 150 full time staff in a variety of roles, ranging from design and development to sales and customer retention.

Our White Label Dating™ platform gives our partners the ability to generate revenue from branded social discovery services, and is used by major publishers, national publications, as well as leading radio and television broadcasters.

We’re passionate about relationships. We’re passionate about our platform. Most important of all, we’re passionate about our customers and the vital service we provide.

  • PartnersPartners

    We work with over 1,700 international partners including major publishing and media groups operating in multiple territories operating a broad range of sites. Read more

  • Awards

    Our growth hasn’t gone unnoticed. Global Personals has won a number of awards in recent years, from best platform to best people to work for. Read more

  • MissionMission

    Our goal is to connect people to people. We provide social discovery and networking services to enable people who’ve never met before to start new relationships. Read more

  • History

    From humble beginnings, we’ve gone from strength to strength. But our story isn’t about us. It’s about the people who made us who we are: our customers. Read more

  • Investors

    Global Personals has almost doubled in size in 2011. Our global ambition extends to becoming the dominant force in the growing social discovery market. Read more

  • Offices

    We have offices in San Francisco, London, and Melbourne, giving us a unique insight into the global social discovery and dating market around the world. Read more