How Global Personals Limited Bootstrapped To $31 Mil Per Year – with Ross Williams is a site where ‘the ambitious learn from a mix of experienced mentors’. Andrew Warner, the creator of, aims to provide driven professionals who love business a place to learn from other ambitious mentors through events and live interviews. Some of the people Andrew has interviewed include the publisher of Online Personals Watch, Mark Brooks, Greg Flores the co-founder and former SVP of, Bryon Zmijewski founder of ZURB and many more influential profiles from varied backgrounds.

We were delighted when interviewed our very own Ross Williams on how Global Personals Limited ‘bootstrapped to $31 million a year’. Within the interview Ross talks about how he started up the company with his own credit card and how it slowly built up to being a $31 million per year business.

You can watch the interview below, or check out the raw transcript on the website. Go dive in to the Global story!

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  • Andrew Warner

    What an inspiring achievement.

    Glad he did the interview.