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Windsor office


Our main office is situated in the historic town of Windsor, a 30 minute drive or train ride from central London. Not only is it our home, it’s also home to Windsor Castle, the Queen’s favourite weekend residence.

While our offices aren’t quite as grand as Her Majesty’s, they’re still impressive – with over 100 staff working in our modern and open plan offices, which also provide a full kitchen and a range of leisure facilities for after work entertainment.

London office


Although most of our team are based up the road in Windsor, we thought it important to open up a central London office.

Located in Covent Garden, our London office provides central meeting and administrative facilities, as well as being home to a portion of our growing development team, reducing commuting times for our developers based within London and providing an additional base in the capital city.

San Francisco office

San Francisco office

A stone’s throw away from Silicon Valley in the financial district, our San Francisco office houses our US account management team.

Small but perfectly formed, our San Francisco office is instrumental to growing our North American presence. Find us located on the 10th floor of a historic building in the heart of the city.

Melbourne office


We chose Melbourne for our Australian office because it’s one of our favourite cities in the world.

As a city of both business and culture, Melbourne has a booming IT sector which we are able to capitalise on both now and in the future. The Australian market is a key driver in Global Personals’ growth, so we’re investing more and hope to expand our office again very soon.